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Eliza Bolstridge nee Greenwood Richard Bolstridge, who was baptised at Bedworth on 3rd February 1828, emigrated to Australia in 1848, leaving Plymouth on the "Artemisia" on 15th August and arriving at Brisbane on 16th December. Richard, of whom it was said that he was Church of England and could read and write, married Eliza Greenwood at Brisbane in 1850. The daughter of William Greenwood, she had arrived from Northern Ireland on the "Earl Grey" at Sydney on 6th October 1848. Richard and Eliza had three daughters but Richard died in 1857, the year in which their third daughter, Sarah Jane, was born. With the birth of no sons the name died out and I am unaware of any other Bolstridges in Australia.

New Zealand

Today there are Bolstridges in New Zealand but these are of relatively modern arrival.

There have been suggestions that the Boustridges of New Zealand who arrived via Australia in 1862 are actually descendants of Thomas and Rebecca (Roe) from St Pancras. Francis Henry Boustridge who married Rosina Jane Harris in 1859 has been linked to a H. Boustread who jumped ship at Sydney in 1849. I have grave doubts as there have been Boustread families around greater London for at least 400 years and the variant Bowstridge, (latterly  Bostridge) in the Deptford area since the late 1700's. Also the Deptford Bowstridges were seamen.

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