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All Saints Ratcliffe Culey Churchyard ( Click images for full screen picture )
George Bolstridge
 d. 4/10/1908 // Aged 20
 son of
 Ann Bolstridge
Alex Bolstridge
d. 2/3/1916 // aged 21
buried in France
beloved son of Alice Marshall of Kings heath B'ham
Enlisted at the start of the war, died serving his country.
George Bolstridge
d. 9/12/1885 // aged 49
Sarah Bolstridge
d. 14/2/1911
aged 73
wife of the above
& their daughter
Sarah Bolstridge
d. 20/3/1997
age 23
James Bolstridge
d. 5/2/1905
his wife
d. 14/3/1875
aged 38
James Boulstridge
d. 30/7/1879
Aged 41
Elizabeth his wife
d. 24/4/1932
Aged 88
NB Elizabeth was married to William Coles when she died.

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