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The main database of Bolstridges is incorporated within my own Family Tree Maker file which contains all of my genealogy. I have decided at this stage not to create a separate Bolstridge file because of the problems of keeping the two in synchronism. No information is published that relates to, or can identify living individuals. Each individual has his or her own page and contains ALL the information I presently have on that person or links to where that information is stored. Currently the database contains almost 85% of the extracted entries in the IGI and over 90% of those in the British 1881 LDS CD Rom census.

The Database March 2010
Note this is a completely new format.

Because the name did not stabilise until the late 19th century the majority of early entries are indexed under the name Bolstridge regardless of register entries. When they have obviously stabilised they are indexed under that name. The alternative name will be found however listed as an "A.K.A.", (also known as), on that persons main page. To aid identification of these I have provided a list of persons with alternative names that will not appear in the index as "Bolstridge".

The A.K.A. File


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