Bolstridges of Northumbria

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The first reference yet found to the Bolstridge Family in Northumberland is the marriage in 1769 of John Bolstridge of Whittingham to Mary Brewes of Edlingham at Edlingham. If the ages stated at their deaths are to be believed John was 39 and Mary 28. There was no indication in the register of any previous marriage for either partner. Both made their mark at marriage.

The IGI for the North of England is devoid of Bolstridge entries before this date in any of the many forms the name has appeared at this period elsewhere. In fact the Bolstridge variant is surprisingly consistent even in the early period in Northumberland and quickly stabilises to Bolstridge, the various other entries found in transcripts are in fact mostly mis-transcriptions.

Quite how John Bolstridge came to be in Northumberland is a mystery. The estimated birth of  date of 1730 does not match with any Bolstridges from other areas. Was he a soldier or a sailor who settled there, we may never know.

Until 1784/88 John and his wife appeared to move about a lot within the parishes of Whittingham and Edlingham finally settling in Warkworth. At his death John was described as a Husbandman from Chevington Woodside. See here for a map showing various locations, move your cursor over the highlighted and name boxes to display details.

After Johns death in 1803 the family appears to have moved to Lesbury. Margaret, Sarah and Susannah, John's daughters all married there between 1805 and 1814 and his only son John in 1822.In the 1841 Census John Bolstridge Jnr was described as an Agricultural Labourer whereas at the baptism of his children between 1826 and 1836 he was said to be a Husbandman. When his mother died in 1814 she was buried at Warkworth although her abode was said to be Lesbury.

John Jnr died in 1847 followed by his wife Mary (nee Hindhaugh) in 1850 the two sons John and James Joseph left Lesbury and can next be found in Newcastle. This line is currently being researched, watch this space.


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