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The IGI indicates that, apart from the marriage of Samuel Boulstridge and Ann Morris at Queniborough in 1762 and the birth of a child at nearby Hose in 1763, the first real activity in Leicestershire was that of the arrival of James and Hannah Bolstridge at Ratcliffe Culey about 1790 . This may well be a false impression as, although on the surface the IGI appears to have a comprehensive coverage of Leicestershire, detailed examination reveals that much of that coverage is based on Bishops Transcripts. The Leicester Diocesan Registry Bishop's Transcripts do have a strong representative coverage but most parishes also have substantial gaps. This is further exacerbated by the fact that the LDS in many cases has not filmed the original registers therefore necessitating research at Leicester Records office or purchase of microfilms from them. I am presently working to identify those parishes which need to the examined in detail. Below are links to the areas that have been thoroughly examined or are scheduled for such.

bulletRatcliffe Culey and Sheepy Magna
bulletBurbage and Hinckley
bullet Barkestone and Nailstone


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