London Bouldstridges

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The first reference to the Bouldstridge variation of the surname occurs in Shoreditch, London where, according to the IGI William  son Thomas and Ann Bouldstridge was baptised on  8 Aug 1768. A Marriage has yet to be found for Thomas and Ann although this IGI listingmay well prove to be the one. The Shoreditch registers have yet to be read, these are currently on order it is worth noting that IGI coverage starts at 1745 for baptisms and 1764 for marriages therefore it is not unlikely that earlier activity may be found. Reading London registers is a mammoth task and many IGI entries need checking if anyone interested in this line wishes to volunteer please contact me.

Thomas and his family moved back to Stoke, Coventry by 1774  and the Electoral roll of 1796 lists him as Thomas Bouldstridge of Stoke Engine Weaver. The term "Engine Weaver" relates to the use of the Dutch Loom brought to this country by the Huguenots fleeing religious persecution. The main centres for the use of Dutch Looms were London, Coventry and Leicester all of which had strong communities of Huguenot descent. In fact Thomas's son Thomas who returned to London married Rebecca Roe, the Roe surname believed to be of Huguenot origin and is common both in the Spittlefields area and Coventry. 

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