Berkshire Bolstridges

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The Bolstridges of Binfield in Berkshire

In book the The Bolstridges alias Bulstrode of Bedworth"  Norman Dudley states that he believes the Bolstridges of Binfield are an offshoot of the Bedworth Family that returned to Berkshire. I cannot agree that there is  really any evidence of this. He states "Henry’s (Bulstrode) son, Henry, who was baptised at Warfield in 1675, was buried at Binfield in Berkshire on 15th October 1730, as Henry Boulstridge" He then goes on to say "The first occurrence of the name in the Binfield parish registers was on the occasion of the baptism of Hannah Boulstridge, the daughter of Henry, junior, and his wife Hannah, on 21st May 1711" An examination of the IGI entries for Berkshire shows these observations in a different light. There is, for at least 100years confusion in the spelling of the name. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries a consolidation of replacing the "de" with "dge". This leads me to believe that the pronunciation of the name "Bulstrode" in the 17th/18th centuries was in fact Boulstrodge the degeneration to Boulstridge/Bolstridge was a natural progression from this.

Henry Bulstrode of Binfield was almost certainly a descendant of the original family from Horton Park. See  IGI extraction here.


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